INDCON boilers are of class-1 welded construction and designed in accordance with IBR or any other international code.Strict quality control is maintained at all production stages expert shop supervision is provided to ensure finest workmanship. All welding seams are 100% radiographed to ensure durability and longer life. Hinged doors are provided at front and rear at the ends of the boiler to give easy access for inspection, cleaning and replacement of tubes



Salient features Three pass fully wet back design assures maximum heat transfer, with less stack temperature and high    operating efficiency. The 2nd and 3rd pass tubes are fully symmetrical to the vertical axis of the boiler ensuring mechanical and    thermal stability. Large heating surface area results in lesser evaporation per unit area thereby putting minimum thermal stresses    on the heating surface which increases life of the boiler. Large water volume enables the boiler to safety handle even high TDS water with lower blow downs thus    minimising losses. water holding capacity acts as a heat flywheel and hence the boiler is able to respond to the fluctuating    heat demands without appreciable drop in steam pressure. water-steam separation area lowers the steam release velocity thus providing high quality steam.


MOUNTING & FITTINGS Main steam stop valve. auxillary steam stop valve. air vent valve. blow down valve. dial type presure gauge. water level sets complete with gauge glasses. isolating valves for water level controller. Feed Water multistage pumps. double / two single post spring loaded safety valves. feed check valve complete with piping upto the delivery end of feed pumps.


INDCON Oil/Gas fired boilers are manufactured in 3 pass design. i.e., with three distinct flue passes. First pass being the radiant zone in the furnace, second pass and third pass being the convection zones with smoke tubes. All fire paths i.e., smoke tubes, reversed chamber & furnace are easily accessible for routine cleaning & maintenance.


Matching burner with a choice of indian/imported burner is fitted as a standard equipment. The burner is provided with a sequence controller and frame failure device to ensure safe operation.


Lower cost of steam generation.
Eligible for 100% depriciation


AWLC comprising of feed pump ON/OFF control, low water audible alarm & excess low water alarm with combustion cutout