INDCON manufactures all-welded design, Packaged Boilers in accordance with Indian Boiler Regulations (IBR) and other International Codes like BS-2790 & ISO-R 831 .Boilers quality plates are used and strict quality control checks are enforced for stage-wise inspection of all boilers during manufacturing. All welding seams are 100% radiographed to ensure best quality. These shell type Boilers are in horizontal construction having 3-pass arrangement to ensure good fuel efficiency.




The fuel is added to a bed of non-combustible particles like sand and is kept in constant movement by combustion air which is blown through from below. The mixed bed behaves as if it were a boiling liquid. It is compact fluidised. The normal operating temperature of fluid bed is 750 Deg.C. and at this low temperature the ash is not sintered or melted.The larger area of contact between fuel and oxygen of combustion air and good mixing gives intensive combustion. The larger quantity of heat held by the bed function as a thermal reservoir and levels out the variation in fuel quantity and moisture content. The fuel particles automatically remain suspended for longer period of time and swirl around in hot material of fluid bed until they burn out completely to ash


First pass is through the Furnace which is welded to the front tube plate of the boiler and to the reversing combustion chamber which is firmly supported on the rear tube plate by stay bars. Large furnace volume is provided for complete combustion and heat absorption. There are two passes of smoke tubes constituting the second and third pass of the boiler. The man-hole and carefully placed hand-holes are provided for easy inspection and maintenance. Hinged doors are provided at front and rear ends of the boiler to give easy access for inspection, cleaning and replacement of tubes.




Boiler with furnace, in dry back or wet back construction, are fitted with front and rear smoke boxes    and are mounted on saddles for ease of site installation.
Boiler quality tubes are provided in the boiler. Size of tubes, their quantity and pitch are engineered to    achieve maximum heat transfer and ensure easy cleaning and maintenance.
Sufficient water and steam space are provided to ensure that dry and saturated steam is available and    that the Boiler can meet the fluctuation in steam consumption pattern.
a).Solid fuel based Boilers are supplied with Induced Draught (I.D) Fan with a by-pass arrangement    complete with ducting and dampers.
b).Oil or Gas Fired Boilers are supplied with Forced Draught (F.D.) Fan to ensure proper combustion of    fuel. boilers are supplied with two Multistage Feed Water Pumps so that one pump is stand-by. mountings and safety valves (two safety valves are provided on    each boiler) supplied are duly inspected and approved by chief    inspectors of Boilers as per IBR quality. water level indicators are provided along with an automatic    water level controller. and platform are provided for all sizes of Boilers. of boiler and refractory lining of smoke boxes are done. installation and commissioning of boiler. of operating staff at end-user's factory.